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robin swennes
Design Chocolate is the name of my creative business—
based on my love of chocolate. For me, it means 'Design Yumminess'.
I can design logos, brochures, etc., but I also show & sell my paintings at various places in Maine and
New Hampshire throughout the year. I've worked for years as a Graphic Production Designer;
I can talk file format with vendors when it comes to your printed pieces. Illustration, painting and photography
tend to make a piece more interesting and I usually try to incorporate some element of them into my designs if it works
for you. I insist on hearing your thoughts and visions, because the hardest thing a designer/artist does is interpret
what you like, want and need, and then turn that into a final product. I'm big on detail, so my emails might
be long, but it's all in the name of clarity so you know what you're getting, and I know what you need.
It's a funky mix of work I do, so check it out.
Robin Swennes  •  (207) 251-7900  •  email: